Solutions and Service for our customers

Pixel IT was established to provide customers with reliable, high quality IT solutions and services to meet the ever-changing technology needs of small business, individuals in home office or home environments. Making technology work for our customers is our most important goal and our passion.

Pixel IT owner Mark Wodzisz started his career in IT in 1980. A graduate of Seton Hall University, Mark spent 20 years as a IT manager and systems engineer for a large prepress company and has extensive experience in PC, Mac, tablet and mobile device installation, configuration and maintenance; network design and configuration, server installation, configuration and maintenance.

Mark has formal training in information technology from Microsoft, CA Associates, Symantec, Paragon, HP, Quantum and McAfee along with Scitex, Agfa, Linotype-Hell, and Roland. Starting with a Macintosh SE back in 1985, Mark has configured, maintained, repaired or rebuilt hundreds of computer stations, servers, and workstations. He has experience with every Mac OS from System 6 through OS X, Mountain Lion and PC OS from Windows 3.0 to Windows 8, along with Microsoft Server NT through Server 2008 and Apple OSX Server.